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mm dem legs

I read your series of comments on this before I thought I might have to see for myself in order to believe. Well, I’m sorry I doubted you, that show is just….idk couldn’t watch anymore after the first episode. You’ll have to tell me how it ends.

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My dragons are being super cute this morning.

You really shouldn’t house bearded dragons together. This isn’t a display of affection. This is called ‘stacking’. And can be very stressful to your animals. The one on top is getting more heat/uvb then the one underneath. This could make the bottom one sick if it is repeatedly being dominated. Having them together has a lot of other health risks as well. If you are planning on buying another tank so they can live alone maybe you can make a makeshift separator so that they won’t be stressed out or end up with missing toes till you’re able to get one. 

The one on the bottom looks super stressed already. Separate them.

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fox with glow in the dark! the fur i used just sucks up every bit of light, so  the constellation doesn’t show up as well as it does on the lion. still glows a little though!

this was based off of the constellation vulpecula (NOT Cassiopeia, but i understand the confusion, they do look very similar)

here’s the post with my whole project!

Oh my god this is gorgeous!. Amazing work, and awesome project. Check out the link to view the lion and learn more about what the project was about. Do you think perhaps you might continue on with this idea for other plush? 

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Just a WIP shot of the tort, he’s pretty big, just fits in my palm. Got a few things left to fix up but he is almost done, super super happy!

sharing over here cause he is just to cute

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I was asked to review Halo by Animalmomca, and she of all people should know I’ve never played it.

So, I’m going base my review on my limited experience with the franchise.

-First off, I like the Halo logo. Right away it establishes a military/space vibe from the sharp contour of the lettering…

My plan was flawless you were supposed to fail!!! noooooooooooo! *burns to ash*

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Its finally Spring time!! I hope you’re all as excited as I am! Custom Exotic’s is doing a little spring cleaning sale on a lot of stuff in the shop, check it out and welcome spring with some new reptile items!

This will be ending soon! Be sure to take a peek, something you might have wanted in the past might be on sale!

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43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup | Ensemble ACJW

Alright, Cartoon Hounds. There are 43 - 43! - cartoon themes here, including (hint) Adventure Time. How many can you name?

Gah I wanna be in band again :’(

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A photo of the only albino Brazilian Rainbow Boa known to exist. (x)

I know I already reblogged this but I’m still sort of lamenting that the only known albino brb is in the hands of Outback Reptiles.

Are you serious? Bleeeeeeeehhhhhh

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hello again, so I just finished ranting to my mom about tanks vs. tubs, and i seem to have gotten her on my side about tubs... so what kind of tubs should I look into? im not looking for a rack because i only one one ball, soon to be two, so I only need two tubs... i also need to know heating control and stuff.
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I use 15 quart sterilite tubs with locking lids for any of my BPs under 800 grams, from there I upgrade them to 32 quart tubs until about 2000 grams, and then one last upgrade to a slightly larger tub.

Or you can just go to the biggest size tub you can fit right away and add more hides and cover. The problem with people having small snakes not eat in larger tubs is because they stick to the two hides rule and leave the animal with all this extra space which to them is a death trap. People who start off with huge enclosures for baby or small animals fill in as much space as they can with hides, cork bark and other things to create various places around the enclosure to create safe spots. Saving money isn’t a big deal since tubs aren’t that expensive but you also wont have to worry about the animal having to readjust with every move to a bigger enclosure.

Babies in the wild don’t get the option of small ‘baby’ areas to grow up in, what they do get is natural cover and lots of it. 

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does anyone want to play cards against humanity with me one. more. time.