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Hrm, I will be honest i’ve never seen anything like that before but I also haven’t seen any neuro conditions first hand besides Brood’s wobble (spider ball). The swirly part towards the middle is whats really stumping me though cause the rest does come off sorta controlled to me other then that one part. I hope you get some answers really quickly, I’ll cross my fingers it’s nothing.

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his awkward shed is coming to an end! I’m so proud of him. :)

If someone can tell me what morph this is that’d be really cool.

Normal with a bad shed.

A shed should come off smoothly and in one piece, not in patches, you are going to want to double check your husbandry.

Good shed should look like :

Edit : Should have read the previous comments first, good luck with the little guy!

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Incredible Nerodia beauty

So I ended up trying to go back to figure out a bit more about this little guy and ended up finding the forum where it was posted. Good thing everyone on the forum figured it was a copperhead or a copperhead hybrid. Person who found it, killed it. 

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Toaster and Quicksilver went to new homes yesterday, but today I received four new friends in return! Clockwise from upper left, meet Mead (2013 female Bumble Bee, currently in shed), Custard (2013 female Lesser), Cannoli (2014 male Lavender Albino), and Éclair (2013 female Het. Lavender Albino)!

(I know I just said I wasn’t looking to add the Spider gene to my collection, but the Bee came with the rest in the trade and has no visible wobble. Not sure if I’ll breed her, though.)

It doesn’t make a difference that she doesn’t have a visible wobble, the babies still will and do have a chance to have very severe wobbles. I own a spider, one who doesn’t have as bad a wobble as some but does have problems during some feedings. Its gotten worse as he has aged and i’ve lately been noticing him twirling a twisting at night when I go to check on him before bed (nothing has change in his environment or feeding schedule its just something that has seemingly developed) Perhaps most people aren’t bothered by it since their animals still eat and shit and ‘thrive’ but seeing Brood go through that is hard, he might not feel pain but I can sure see his confusion when he is trying to go in his hide upside but can’t make it since he keeps veering off to the wrong side. 

Its a very pretty gene for sure, and a lot of the morphs I would absolutely love to own have spider but I will never own another. I wouldn’t give Brood up for the world, but I would give up anything if I could help him and fix it.

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The Eclipse boa (Leopard Colombian Motley).  Produced for the first time last year by Kevin Blumenthal of Blumen Boas.

Is it just me or are his eyes bulging? Do we have to worry about poor breeding in boas now too, or are these within a typical range for a boa? I have admittedly little experience with young boas.

IIRC the first few that were produced didn’t survive but as you know we can’t just give up and have to keep trying to get that animal even if it seems like its not meant to live. It does seem to look at little off which isn’t surprising. Lets hope that its not something that bothers the animal to much given that even if it was something terrible and painful it would probably still get produce cause ‘its pretty!”

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A better picture of the mantis shrimp I make, look at all the tiny little legs.

That’s a balloon animal

That is not a balloon animal.


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Fuck me, I need a Caramel glitter noodle.

Link doesn’t work and I can find nothing on google about a T+ or a caramel. I can however find a picture of a hypo that without going to the page could be mislabel as a caramel due to its coloring in the photo.

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Just some random photos of Brood with my new phone, top photo is closest to true colors. He doesn’t seem to mind this one as much as my old one since I don’t need to use flash, he is still pretty shy though. 

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New phone!

So my old phone broke, the power button wouldn’t work so I couldn’t turn it on or off, which sucks since I really like it but honestly i’m in love with the new one, the camera is fantastic for a phone camera which means one thing…..MORE PICTURES OF THE BABIES! 

I don’t take many because its stupid hard trying to take pictures of babies with a DSLR without a proper set up or helping hands, i’m hoping to phone will allow for a lots of random handling shots that actually turn out half decent so that I can post more on here :D YAY!

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perhaps i should just start doing what that one artist did and make my comments apart of the photoset

That sounds interesting, do you have a link to their blog?